SJC ending a volatile week

Although sometimes dramatically increased to 250,000 VND per tael but if the whole week, the precious metal does not change in price.

19/3 first opening day, gold prices rose to 40,000 VND per tael in two-way trading. At 8h20, each of gold Jewelry Group DOJI listed at 33.74 to 33.82 million. If from the beginning of the week, the price per gold hardly changed despite the ongoing volatility week.

Meanwhile, the world gold price yesterday closing the week up 0.4% thanks to decisions not to raise interest rates by the US Federal Reserve (Fed). Ending the US session, gold prices fell by 0.3% compared with the previous session to close at $ 1,255. Vietnamese currency conversion, each approximately 33.78 million taels.

During the week, though there are many waves up and down but by domestic investors still listen information from the world (mainly the Fed policy meeting in mid-week), so the participation in the market has not really flourishes.

On the foreign exchange market, the exchange rate continued to be stable when the banks are still listed price 22255-22325 US dollar contract.

Thanh Thanh Lan


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