Global investment in commercial real estate to a record high

Investment capital flowing into commercial real estate in 2015 rolled 443 billion mark, the highest since this category was recorded in 2009, according to Cushman & Wakefield.

According to the report, "Great Wall of Money" published the 12th of this unit, the US attracted the most investment, the rest of the top 5 countries to attract investment of Chinese, English, Japanese and Germany. Source transnational investment tend to continue the transition to the real estate markets globally.

Asia recorded US $ 131 billion invested in commercial real estate in the world, grew by 8% thanks to some funds that have investment objectives completed in 2015 but. Despite the growth, but the region is attracting investment at least. Both regions Americas and EMEA (Europe, Middle East vacChau Africa) showed expansion capital increased by less than 2%. EMEA new invested around 143 billion while America still leads in attracting capital, reached 169 billion dollars.

Although personnel record mark, the actual mobilization began to decline in the proportion is negligible, less than 1%, from 408 billion dollars, was 407 billion USD. Capital raised in EMEA was down 4% from the previous year, while 131 billion. In contrast, Asia Pacific with modest growth of 3% and the Americas increased by less than 1%.

Reports indicate more than half (58%) the investors are concentrating investments in a single country, and the multi-national investment fund account for 42% of the rest. The change in the investment strategy being recorded across the region. In the Americas, investment funds into a single country accounted for 48%, while Asia-Pacific was 30% and 22% in EMEA.



US-led investments in commercial real estate globally.

Transnational investment capital will continue to convert the real estate market across the globe. Most notably, over 40% of which are targeted at the Asia Pacific and EMEA come from outside the region, the majority coming from North America.

The results of this survey estimated the Americas region will receive the amount of investment in the country's largest, with 71% of the capital is available to be mobilized domestically. A sizable portion, nearly a quarter of the capital raised was expected to come from outside the region, mainly from European investors.

CEO departments Investment & capital markets business investment services Cushman & Wakefield, Carlo Barel di Sant'Albano said the global stock markets facing increasing instability, the weak factors such as quantitative easing and low interest rates will maintain the relative attractiveness of the sector commercial real estate.

With the current capital is at a record high, it effectively deploying become a major concern for investors. This will be beneficial for large and developed markets like the US, China, UK, Japan and Germany. "We also expect strong growth from the investment flows will continue to transnational as investors seek to diversify across the market," the assessment of this.

Experts predict this will soon shift further in the ways of allocating capital. Investors will focus on minimizing risk and will select the unit experienced fund management. Also, considering that a large amount of capital allocated to real estate, investors will evaluate joint venture transactions and typical transactions as a way to deploy capital more easily in the market.

Cushman & Wakefield said, particularly in Vietnam, the market is attractive to organize foreign investment and investment demand will continue in 2016. The number of M & A has increased markedly in in 2015, an increase of approximately 20% compared to 2014, accounting for 10% of total foreign investment of FDI into Vietnam.

In the scope of individual investors, have had a pronounced growth. But in terms of organization, the Asian companies are actively operating in Vietnam. The market is becoming more competitive than ever between domestic companies and foreign corporations to own the project and the best investments. However, factors still play a role land and this decision to promote cooperation between foreign investors and domestic investors more in the future.

Vu Le


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