Gasoline prices rose sharply pressure

World prices constantly going up causing significant pressure on prices, but experts said that the operator has the ability to continue discharging stabilization fund, even tax breaks to keep gasoline prices.

Ahead of announced periodically on 19/3, world petroleum business said that this is one of the hardest adjustments to management bodies from the middle of last year until now.

Website of the Ministry of Industry update gas prices in the Singapore market finished yesterday (17/3) at levels above 50 USD per barrel. On average, half of recent months, the price of RON 92 per barrel about 49 US dollars, higher than the number of days to adjust 4/3 times around 9 per barrel. Earlier in the most recent adjustments, the difference is only $ 1.8.



The increase in retail prices in the context of consumers still disadvantaged on calculations that are rated as "not fair". Photo: N.M

"Although still have to update the price of 2 days but hardly world prices should decline in average, this is the biggest difference in the price adjustment period from the beginning of the year," a company representative first termites comment.

Leaders also calculated, in the absence of changes in regulatory instruments, the difference mentioned above would correspond to the price increase of 1,000 dong per liter on petrol RON 92 in this correction.

However, according to one expert, if to increase the retail price in the context of consumers are paying higher import duty rates now have to pay 5-10% clue is "not fair" that both two Ministry of Finance - Industry and Trade have acknowledged shortcomings. "Therefore, to consider reducing the import tax in calculating the base price is right thing to do, thereby not increase retail prices", the expert said.

Talking to VnExpress, an interdisciplinary team leader operating gasoline prices declined to comment on the possibility of reducing import duties. "However, we are considering the use of stabilization fund to reduce the pressure to adjust retail prices," the said.

Utilization rate stabilization fund for petroleum products
From 18.02.2016 From 04.03.2016 items
RON 92 & 95 0370
E5 0363
Diesel 539 983
Oil 589 995
Mazut oil 35 69

Unit: VND / liter, kilogram

Earlier this year, the Finance Ministry said the stabilization fund by the end of 2015 nearly 4,000 billion surplus. Whatever adjustments in 4/3 days, associated with the given exhaust gas fund and before that with oil from 18/2, but with the simultaneous regularly criticized VND300 per liter / kg from early estimates the fund's balance to the middle of this month is not reduced, to about 4.300 billion estimate.


Balance petrol price stabilization fund from late 2013 to present. Data: MOF

Earlier, following the latest amendment (4/3), the price per liter of petrol 92 RON is still popular now selling at VND 13,750, unchanged from a month earlier.

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