Coal transport business is difficult because the road Hanoi - Hai Phong

Money bridges are up nearly 50% of operating costs of a number of routes, making the decision to increase fees Highway 5 and Highway Hanoi - Haiphong from 1/4 to become the major problem with many transport companies.

As units operate 40 bus routes running in Ha Noi - Hai Phong every day, he Khuc Huu Thanh Hai - Director of Land Port said, every vehicle traveling on highways Hanoi - Hai Phong 2 times a day is lost 1.5 million fee. Because of this highway should not apply separate monthly ticket fee for each bus line 45 seats is almost 50 million, accounting for nearly half of the monthly operating costs.

If you choose to run on Highway 5, the cost of the car suffered less, about 6 million tickets were purchased by the month. However, after the highway Ha Noi - Hai Phong, few people choose this route because if you go during peak hours, the time on the company's vehicle line takes 3.5-4 hours, more than double compared to other variants. Meanwhile, ticket prices nearly equal, about 75000-80000 VND per passenger.

"Vehicles should be around 70% of capacity, the new business is profitable, but only 50% on weekdays, weekends to reach over 70%, so we are very tough business. If the month to increase the fee when it is harder anymore, "he said Qinghai.



Highway 5 due to congested traffic means more. Photo: Jiang Chinh

However, Director of Land Port said that not calculated the fare increases, as it takes time studies, market surveys. In the context of strong competition in passenger transportation, if higher prices, the passenger can not accept. Instead, businesses will tighten input costs, management ... to balance.

Representatives Hai Phong Bus Co., the said fee increases high of BOT stations on Highway 5 from 1/4 also poses similar problems when rising costs that can not raise prices. "We'll have to calculate, the maximum spending cuts to offset possible on this account, can even consider the frequency relaxing, relaxing time to harvest the bus route if too difficult," the A company official said.

According to Le Nhu Tien - Chairman of the Association of road freight Hai Phong, with new plans, each container traffic car on Highway 5 will have to add 160,000 dong for 2 turns. Initially, the proposal will now increase freight shippers arising offset this, but if all airlines are forced to suffer compensation.

In addition, the transport enterprises in Hai Phong will send proposals to the ministerial proposal to clarify the fee increase because this is Highway 5 old highway has been invested by the budget. If businesses fix only toll road BOT repair parts, but at present this highway toll even higher than other highways across the country.

Chairman of the Hanoi Transport Association - Bui List Lien also said that people must be imposed from the management body. Eg 23 toll stations has increased fees according to the schedule from 01.01.2016 for the approval of the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Finance whether people and businesses react.

"BOT fee is inconsistent with the purchasing power of people. Many transport enterprises, and people required to go through a BOT without other options. The cost of many will put pressure on social and economic life "Lien said.

Earlier, investors highway Ha Noi - Hai Phong and investors highway repair projects 5 has announced to increase the fee from 2 1/4 lines. Dao Van Chien - Chairman of Board of Directors of the Corporation for infrastructure development and financial investment in Vietnam (Vidifi) said, this is undesirable jobs and he was sharing with the difficulties of the business the transport industry, but if the plan does not do investment finance highway Ha Noi - Hai Phong will be broken.

Explaining the charges to increase in a row at the station BOT Highway 5 (the closest is 12/2015), Dao Van Chien said, the increase in expenses for capital repairs of roads damaged by media information overload. 2014, the Ministry of Communications has invested 100 billion fix (which Vidifi spend 60 billion). 2016 is expected to fix the estimated additional 300 billion, of which General Road layout just from road maintenance funds 20 billion. This amount is only enough to dredge, cut roadside grass ditch.

To solve difficulties for businesses shipping traffic on Highway 5, investors will study the route the first time exemption or discount tickets quarter, monthly tickets for transport.

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