4 multi-level companies are permitted to withdraw MOIT

Links After Vietnam, the Competition Administration Department (MOIT) has decided to withdraw the operating license of 4 multi-level marketing business in Hanoi.
Production Company Vietnam Trade Path

Vietnamese companies are road registration certificate MLM activities dated 04.08.2015. The company is headquartered in Cau Giay Street (Dich Vong, Cau Giay District, Hanoi).

According to introduction, Vietnam's road unit exclusive distributor of products support health component is curcumin nano (found in turmeric) by the Center for Chemical Plant - the Institute of Industrial Science Vietnam direct production. The products are distributed throughout the country, even exported to China, Taiwan (China), Germany, Hungary ... The company also organized a series of workshops in the provinces of Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, ... in order to attract people to participate.


Anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam Road.

Conditions to become a distributor of the unit is at least 2.8 million cash purchase of goods or more and open an account in the company's system. Operating tactics of this company is pairing more shoppers, open multiple accounts will be entitled to a commission 8-260 million a day.

At the one-year anniversary of the establishment with 5,000 participants dated 26.5.2015, Mr North - Chairman of the company shares, turmeric effects of Vietnam on par with Korean ginseng, support cancer treatment, stomach, heart disease, liver, Alzheimer's, blood fat ... the product is advertised as "elixir" of the Vietnam road actually not licensed by the Ministry of Health .

Believe in the ad "ridiculous" many people have joined pickpockets hope life changed from yellow turmeric. There are cases that have borrowed 140 million paid to the company but only get to be 28 million in commissions and petitions sent to the world. After much fanfare, until now, the MOIT has officially withdrawn the licenses multi-level sale registration of Vietnam Road.



Daxing 668 company official license revoked.

With products as fertilizer for rice, fruit trees, crops ... the company has operations in many provinces across the country. To participate in the company, each person must pay a minimum of 7.9 million and buying business kits include materials 190,000 contract price. The member companies "explosion" that can earn billions per month by enticing others to engage in all types of systems and product commissions, commission-sponsored direct, indirect roses, flowers Rose managed ...

Dated 12.15.2015, the company made a surprise announcement to stop the new agent package after many complaints relating to the commission.

New Power Company Vietnam

Licensed MLM No. 049 dated 05.08.2015, the company now renamed JSC Vietnam Jade Heart, based in Trung Yen 6 (Yen Hoa, Cau Giay) with Director Pham Van Tuan is. This firm has struck a chord desire to get rich quick, but the farmer's ignorance when marketing mainly in the countryside.



New Power Company has thousands of farmers to join the system.

To participate, residents must pay a sum of money to buy the code just like a virtual store and a 220,000 kits. Want to get rich quick, then buy a lot of code, followed by the display of drawing others into the system. Meanwhile, the introduction will be entitled to a hundred million roses. The company mainly sells products such as functional food close but with much higher price than the real value.

Many farmers have "plug in" red books on the company but wait forever without getting new commissions should conduct complaints.

Company Export & International Trade TNC

The company has a certificate MLM dated 04.11.2015 No. 059. Ward based in Xuan Phuong (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi). Want to join the system, members must pay 7-9 million to buy business equipment. In addition, there are up to 39 million packets.

To become a senior agent, people have to entice as many people involved in the system as possible. According to the ad, there are people in just a month, but the company has paid all billion, bonus cars Toyota Camry ...

Bach Duong

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