Many countries exporting labor to welcome, celebrate not have to worry

But only the original signal is basically good for labor export market at present, but expressed confidence that the companies, the confidence of workers Vietnam exports are still on track. Signals in the labor export market of Vietnam is key for quite encouraging.

Thowever, to maintain these markets, the labor export enterprises are proposed Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Management tightened.

On the positive signs

The contract workers are left main reason that the Taiwan Labor stopped receiving inshore fishery crew labor and domestic work in Vietnam for over 10 years. There are still about 22,000 employees in this market has not fled the country. However, a good signal that the last 15/7 days, the Taiwan have licensed back to Vietnam and brought household helpers and crew members of fishing vessels to Taiwan.
"It is expected to come, when the two sides implement the sending and labor-receiving, the total labor force Vietnam to Taiwan will increase rapidly," Mr Tong Hai Nam, Deputy Director of the Overseas Labor Management ( Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs) said.
Currently, markets in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia has been rated as the key markets. Commenting on these markets, Mr Nam said that although Malaysia and Saudi Arabia are the decline in labor unattractive by comparison with Japan, South Korea.


Labor export contests electronic orders to Japan

However, it does not require high qualifications and needs large reception, making Malaysia and Saudi Arabia is still considered appropriate markets with Vietnam Labor.

Meanwhile, Japan is recognized as the market has increased demand for labor big future, because Japan is preparing for the Olympic Games held in 2020, requires a large amount of construction workers and shipbuilding. The Japanese government is developing policies to improve residence time in Japan for trainees 2 industry within 5 years, and also allows the receiving back the sector trainee 2 after returning home.
Enhancing management depth and closer

Despite positive signals from Taiwan is reopened for domestic work and this is a high-wage occupations with workers, but the requirements of this job is also very high, by 80% Sale lease family housemaid to care for the elderly have the disease.

"Therefore, the training of workers is not merely a cleaner, cook, which must have knowledge as a nurse and midwife. Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs should have policies to control, evaluation and monitoring of the training process of the enterprise, "said Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh, Director of Member Services Limited Technical and Export imports (Techsimex) said.

According to Ms. Qing, although Vietnam has more than 40 labor export market, but before the new signal of the key markets, the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs to incorporate the Exporters Association labor, including representatives of labor supply businesses of the same markets, discussed measures to unify labor management in each market, in order to ensure the rights of workers and enterprises.

Nguyen Hong Son, Deputy General Director of JSC Progress International (AIC) note, some labor market brokerage accepted as the Taiwan market. Our business despite the fee agreed to stabilize the market, but the brokers constantly require different problems.

"Therefore, the standardization of contracts, businesses and used a modeling contract, will ensure the rights not only for workers but also for business," Son said.

Ms. Tran Thi Minh Thu, deputy general director of JSC Global Technology Department (Glo-Tech), expressed concern that, in some markets major labor export labor situation tends hiding donate.

Besides staying evasion, in the labor market in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, the incident generated more conflict between the employees and the owners, especially in the labor sector to help the family.

Thu suggested the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs should strengthen the staff representatives in these markets to deal promptly and effectively the case arise, it is also effective measures in order to maintain the market labor export.


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