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ASEAN Economic Community will be formally established later this year, Vietnam is making preparations "sprint" how after signing the partnership agreement across the Pacific. This is an opportunity or a challenge?
The formation of the ASEAN Economic Community will help the labor market more dynamic ASEAN and promote job creation for each member country. The problem is, manpower Vietnam what factors need to embrace new opportunities.

Referring to the issue reporter Voice of HCMC People (VOH) with Mr. Tran Anh Tuan - Deputy Director of the Centre for Forecasting & manpower needs labor market information HCMC.

Skilled labor will rise


VOH: He has assessed how the employment needs of today's enterprises and workers need to prepare to join the ASEAN Economic Community?

- Mr. Tran Anh Tuan: First to assert the labor market, especially in the city - center of economy, culture and education are evaluated upcoming labor market requires skilled human resources quality high.

Accordingly participants in the labor market must constantly improve professional skills and vocational skills training, foreign language skills and integrate into the labor market as well as the current dynamics in the coming years.

It can be seen, the candidates with the necessary qualifications and experience, many but to find the ideal candidates with excellent soft skills and especially the senior personnel shall be evaluated many businesses " difficult as needle in a haystack ".

Through information gathering and analysis of labor market showed TP, these soft skills that employers are mentioned communication skills, writing skills, honesty, teamwork, negotiation, computer flexibility, adaptability, creative thinking abilities.

So in the process of adapting to businesses, students, students, workers must always improve, compete with yourself, besides these you need to become familiar not only compete with their peers but also competitive human resources in our country in the coming integration period.



VOH: In the hiring process, many businesses complain candidates lack the knowledge and skills. What do you think about this issue?

- Mr. Tran Anh Tuan: That's right. Currently in the city and neighboring localities still lack both redundant status.

The employee was at the level of higher education, colleges still lack skills. Especially at the end of this year when we integrate into ASEAN economic community, the economy, the labor market will be in the direction of industrialization - modernization.

The labor market is developing rapidly as required increased human resources with high qualifications: skills, knowledge of science and technology, business administration and SX. However, labor quality is not consistent with the requirements of economic development and integration. Businesses are always high demand.

Paradoxically, the problem we assume labor is inconsistent with the profession in development oriented but lacks in quality manpower needed for industry growth.

We see that in the economic integration of ASEAN Community 2015 3 challenging issues, such as: foreign language skills, the style industry, namely business discipline.

VOH: The fact that many students upon graduation are always eager to work for the joint venture, foreign rather than domestic companies. The reason is because of what, sir?

- Mr. Tran Anh Tuan: Demand for workers in enterprises with foreign investment started to rise and this is an attractive environment for students after school wanted to participate in. However, they require foreign language skills and professional responsibility particularly high. Therefore, the majority of students do not meet.

And a second human resources issues such as labor export is also open and a lot of trades, attracting workforce trained.

3rd human resources is coming labor movement in the ASEAN economic community of 10 countries will contribute to the impact a change in working conditions as well as income. Foreign investment area will be the conditions for our professional development. However, it also requires us to choose how to follow career low to high, during the occupation can improve, experience is certainly young people will succeed in the job market development and integration.



Workers need strong upward

VOH: Training results compared to the needs of enterprises currently still a big gap. According to difficulties in training human resources is now what?

- Mr. Tran Anh Tuan: The basis of our training, schools, especially colleges, universities and secondary levels need training social needs, train at.

However, if we are training large numbers according to the tastes of society, it is difficult to ensure quality.

In summary, in the current period, we must get to the laborers as apprentices with all my interest, and their passion for their self-discipline. Schools do a catalyst to create conditions for the students practice skills, participation in the labor market.

Businesses instead of sitting berate the training facilities are not trained to be the appropriate personnel then enabling schools to help children learn in conditions that businesses need.

The role of youth apprenticeship beside it as well to hone their skills, responsibilities and experience, we have developed new.

VOH: His advice for young people in the process of integration is what?

- Mr. Tran Anh Tuan: For the work of human demand forecasting and labor market information I think, applicants, students, graduate students and workers in the process of looking for work it should be noted three problems.

One is quickly finding the right career and job development. We are in a period of learning a profession can do more compatible job. And vice versa as a profession we must include these skills as well as some vocational groups needed to serve the development. So do the right issues in industry and only a relative.

The second problem in the process of working need to identify goals and career plans. This is an important element of every person that we often forget.

And the third most important in the integration period, which is every youth, students and workers to do construction is worth practicing. We must see that no one is perfect so if a person has many advantages, there must be some of the disadvantages and we need to complete before you can develop your career.


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