IMS will give the first 50 workers to Poland

Corporation Import Export professionals and technical workers (IMS) has been Department of Overseas Labor Management allows selected pilot brought the Polish labor to work. Mr. Hoang Xuan Hai, Director of the Center of IMS labor export, said multiple partners Poland wants to sign big orders sending laborers to work.

Pilot contracts, salaries rather

Initially, IMS is implementing the first pilot contracts, recruitment machinery fitter 40 and 10 welders to Poland to work. In September, the IMS recruitment and training to improve the skills of workers (employees). Expected September 10 and 11 to, the use of Polish workers will directly into final selection.

According to the contract signed, the contract term is 3 years and a half of the employees, which may be extended further. Working time: 8 hours / day, as from Monday to Friday. Conditions are not too strict selection: Graduate from high school and was a professional job, with a few years experience, be physically fit, have morals, good discipline. Do not have to be labor income IMS has not confirmed how much detail.

However, based on the commitment between the two parties, salaries and employee will be entitled to the regime that is acceptable. Employees are entitled to specific basic salary starting at: 981.55 zloty ($ 5.5 million / month) after deductions for taxes and insurance; not including overtime enjoying prescribed: 2 first overtime equal to 150% of basic salary, the next overtime are entitled to 200%. The regime that came to serve others, the employees are entitled as: To be provided free cooking facilities, gas, electricity, water and providing a meal, the food allowance or 150 USD / month; Free covered secured accommodation facilities: heating, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines; vehicles at work, health insurance, accident; covered airfare to and back after the completion of the contract.


Polish workers to not pay brokerage. Cost is not high, working conditions, living not too strict, good income ...

Poland joined the European Union (EU), along with new changes to allow people in the community of free countries migrants living and working, making skilled workforce of this country the trend of migration to Western European countries living and finding employment for higher income levels, leading to a labor shortage. Therefore needs skilled workers receive in this country will rise in the coming period. Meanwhile, today, Poland is a large demand for labor in the trades such as welding, assembly, mechanical engineering, construction ... According to Le Trung Nghia, Chairman - Director of IMS, that is the foundation for IMS quick look to this market.

According to Mr. Nghia, Poland will be the new potential markets for labor export VN, creating more opportunities for employee selection, because income relatively, cost is not high, working conditions, living not too hard gently. The most important issue to expand this market is to minimize the risk, which is the situation emerging labor contract violations, escaped and remained illegal.

To limit the risk in this market, in addition to taking measures binding margin contract employee compliance, focusing as closely IMS seriously the stages of labor recruitment, training, vocational education for before exiting the labor and labor management, timely handle the problems arising in relation to the employees.

The cost to Poland that the employee must pay is not high. Specifically, the employee will not have to pay brokerage fees if to Poland; just pay a service fee as prescribed each year by one month's basic salary, pay $ 3,850 deposit against breach of contract (to be refunded when the contract is completed return), 500,000 visa costs.

Avoid filing mediated

Under the guidance of IMS, the employee directly subscribe to IMS, not through individuals or organizations outside. Immediately after receiving valid dossiers, IMS will pre-qualification and skill test. Then, the employee will be focused advanced training and direct employer interviews. Upon receiving the results and decided to receive from partners, IMS will contact candidates, request complete record of the proceedings, perform official checkup and focus for learning a foreign language candidates, teachers sexual orientation laws, customs and practices of the host country for a period of 3 months. During this time, IMS proceed to complete the procedures to apply for work permits in Poland and entry visa to the employee. Need more information and to apply at: 473 Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, Ha Noi, Tel: 04 3854 5468 - 04 3854 9548.




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